The 14th International Conference on

Poznan, August 3-7, 2009
Location and accommodation

The conference will be held in Hotel Trawinski, our traditional place nearby Cytadela Park. We have arranged with the hotel a special rate of 250 PLN for a single room, and 440 PLN (220 PLN per person) for a double room per night. Please note that this price includes full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may prefer to choose a flat rate of 1300 PLN (single occupancy) or 1120 PLN (double occupancy, per person) for 6 nights, starting from Sunday, August 2 and ending on Saturday morning of August 8. The prices are the same in the nearby Hotel Vivaldi where some of the participants will stay.

Hotel Trawinski
Ul. Zniwna 2
61-663 Poznan
Phone number: +48 61 8275800
Fax number: +48 61 8205781
See map

Hotel Vivaldi
Ul. Winogrady 9
61-663 Poznań
Phone number: + 48 61 8588100
Fax number: + 48 61 8532977
See map

The university hotel DS JOWITA
Ul. Zwierzyniecka 7
60-813 Poznan
Phone number: +48 61 8292400
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From the railway station
Due to some road works on Winogrady street, no tramway line operates in the direction of the hotels. To get to Hotel Trawinski and to Hotel Vivaldi from the railway station take bus number 68, direction: Podolany, to Armii Poznan (5th stop). The bus stop (this is the beginning of the line) is in front and to the right of the main entrance to the station. There is a kiosk nearby where you can by your ticket. The bus ride takes about 8 minutes, but this may vary depending on the traffic (one 15 minutes ticket should suffice; remember to validate it aboard as soon as the driver turns on the engine). Here is the timetable where the first column is for working days, second - for Saturdays and the last one - for Sundays:
When you get off the bus please walk back to the intersection and turn left into Winogrady Street (the big street with tramway tracks). Follow Winogrady street for about 100m until you will see Hotel Vivaldi on the left.

Jowita is within a walking distance (10 minutes) from the railway station. It is located near the big Kaponiera roundabout (address: Zwierzyniecka 7; please see map above). The tall building is easily recognizable by a large neon "AKUMULATORY" installed on its roof.

From the airport
Take bus L for 3 stops to the final station - railway station (Dworzec Glowny). Here is the timetable: Then take bus 68 to Armii Poznan. Follow the directions in "From the railway station" part.
You will need the one hour ticket for the whole ride. Buy it at a news stand - kiosk and remember to validate it aboard the bus.

From Jowita
Take bus 69 from the bus stop located on the left to Jowita entrance, direction: Lokietka, to Armii Poznan (3rd stop). Here is the timetable where the first column is for working days, second - for Saturdays and the last one - for Sundays: Or walk to Dworcowa Street (on the south-eastern part of the Kaponiera roundabout) and take bus 68 to Armii Poznan (4th stop).
Here is the timetable:


You can buy the city transport tickets mainly on tram stops and in some news-stands [kiosk]. Generally all these places are marked by the stickers with the green-yellow MPK logo, visible at the front door or window. The same tickets are used for trams and buses . Their price depends on the duration of your travel and transfers are allowed. The prices are:
For 15 minutes - 2.00 PLN
For 30 minutes - 3.60 PLN
For 60 minutes - 5.80 PLN
Ticket for bus "L" (from/to Lawica airport) - 4.20 PLN (regardless of travel time).
The tickets for night buses cost the same as for the daytime transport. Luggage fee (if the size exceeds 65 x 45 x 25 cm, 12 x 12 x 150 cm, 90 x 75 x 10 cm): 2.00 zl for 15 minutes and 3,60 zl for 30 minutes.


It is safe to take a "Radio Taxi", for example Radio Taxi 96-22 , tel. +48 619622 (+48 616629622), or Radio Taxi 515-515 tel. +48618515515. You can order it for free in the main hall of the station (look for the sign "Tu mozesz zamowic radio taxi" meaning "Here you can order a radio taxi"). Obstain from taking a taxi cab directly from the line in front of the station.
Also the cars of different corporations wait at the airport entrance. The approximate taxi fare to the hotels is: 35-40 PLN from the airport and 20 PLN from the railway station. On Sundays additional 50% might be added. All taxis by law must have a tariff card on the window. In case of a suspicious charge, request a printed receipt (rachunek).