The 14th International Conference on

Poznan, August 3-7, 2009
Invited speakers

Tom Bohman (Carnegie Mellon University)
David Conlon (Cambridge University)
Ravi Kannan (Microsoft Research, India)
Nati Linial (Hebrew University)
Oliver Riordan (Oxford University)
Benny Sudakov (UCLA)
Tibor Szabó (McGill University)

On Monday, August 3, we shall celebrate the 60th birthday of Vojtech Rödl. On this occasion, there will be a special session with the lectures given by:
Andrzej Dudek (Carnegie Mellon University)
Dwight Duffus (Emory University)
Jaroslav Nešetřil (Charles University)
Andrzej Ruciński (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Mathias Schacht (Humbold Universität zu Berlin)
Endre Szemerédi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)